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The challenge for retail establishments is to stay up-to-date with new
technologies, but that is just the beginning. Systems like these allow you to
take advantage of digital spaces to communicate product offers, while
selling advertising space at the same time.
Why did you choose ICDS?
ICDS has proven to be a trusted and professional partner during the time
that we have worked together.
Marcelo Rodriguez - Marketing Manager
Why do you prefer to communicate digitally?
It is an easy way to reach our customers and more importantly, it is very
convenient for us as business owners whenever we need to update our
Why did you choose ICDS?
Because the team at ICDS was able to explain exactly how the system
works and why their service is so convenient. Based on our experience,
advertising our products in digital screens generated an increase in sales.
Ivan Ortega - General Manager
Why do you prefer to communicate digitally?
In a world that is becoming more digitally connected every day, where
customers and users are more digitally-savvy, it is important to find
communication channels that live up to their expectations and needs. Digital
communications are a valued alternative in this regard.
Why did you choose ICDS?
ICDS has demonstrated to be an ideal partner for our digital
communications strategy, offering not only a wide selection of options to
choose from, but also providing outstanding support in the set up and
maintenance of their product.
Martin Molinari - Branch Manager
Why do you prefer to communicate digitally?
We want to demonstrate innovation, relevance and youthfulness.
Communicating in a digital manner allows us to play with images and video,
which makes our establishment more appealing than our competitors. It
also allows us to change our messaging quickly and effortlessly, in a very
cost-effective way.
Why did you choose ICDS?
Because of their expertise in the industry. This gave us tremendous
confidence that they would understand our needs. The personal attention
we received from the team at ICDS and their quick response was essential
for our business. The proposal they presented was innovative and relevant,
and it fit well with our goal of being perceived as a youthful brand.
Valentina Torres - Managing Director
Why do you prefer to communicate digitally?
Digital signage allows us to communicate with our audience more
effectively. Engaging visuals capture their attention quickly, making the
message that needs to be communicated more attractive and dynamic.
Why did you choose ICDS?
We selected ICDS due to their expertise in digital signage and because they
were able to deliver a proposal that fit the needs of our company, demonstrating
an incredible level of personalized service.
Diana Gercar - Managing Director
Why do you prefer to communicate digitally?
Because we needed to find a more practical way to communicate internally,
and we identified places within our company where digital messaging would
be more effective than other media options (e.g. common areas, near coffee
machines, drinking fountains, or in the cafeteria).
Why did you choose ICDS?
Because they offer digital screens in different spaces where there is a lot of
foot traffic, such as shopping malls.
Valeria Di Gregorio - HR and Communications Manager
At Burger King Uruguay, we use ICDS digital screens for our menu boards.
We are very pleased with the system, and especially with the quick response
time we get from ICDS, whether we are changing an offer or introducing a
new promotion.
Vicente Figueredo - General Manager
Burger King